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Sara Briner Psychosexual Therapy Relationship Counselling in Exeter, Devon


Are you about to separate or have separated and would like to talk things through to find a common solution and a way forward.
Have you thought about mediation. Mediation is a way of being able to see things differently and except differences .

First of all Phil would meet you separately for an hour to allow each of you to have a say independently of each other and to decide what you would like to gain and your goals.

You would then be invited to session together to reach common ground and form some type of relationship to be able to move forward.
Phil allows up to 2 hours for this part.

Ideally this will all take place on the same day normally a Friday.

Six weeks later you would both receive a phone call to review things.

The cost will be: £60 each for individual sessions
£120 for the couple session.

What do you understand about Mediation?

Mediation is a completely voluntary process by which an impartial third party facilitates conversations in a dispute so that they can explore and understand any differences that they have . This then helps them to come to a mutual agreement in settling those differences.

The terms of the agreement are decided by the PARTIES involved and not the MEDIATOR

If anyone is not satisfied with the process, the mediator or any of the involved parties may end the mediation at any time to see if they are able to come to an agreement some other way.

The advantages of Mediation are:
Speed of the process
Cost Savings
Maintaining better relationships
A win/ win or both gain solution.

Mediation is also:
Staged as in it being a step by step approach
It builds on the Future.

Phil offers you a chance to reflect on the difficulties or problems you are experiencing in a safe, constructive and confidential environment, with someone to help facilitate meaningful conversations. Together all parties can explore their situations in a way that leads to fresh perspectives and perhaps a new understanding of each other. Mediation isn’t about giving you solutions or advice but empowering you to make your own changes for the better.
Philip works with people from all walks of life and backgrounds, coming to him with a diverse range of problems.
His experience is in interpersonal relationships and works closely with a Relate Trained Counsellor

Philip has worked many years in the NHS,
He is a Union workplace Rep,
Health and Safety Rep
An Accredited Union Companion.
He has also completed a workplace dispute Mediation Qualification , for an NHS Trust.

Philip works to the UK Mediation Code of Practice.

To contact Phil telephone: 07490414611
email: philipjohndavid@yahoo.com

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