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Sara Briner Psychosexual Therapy Relationship Counselling in Exeter & Chudleigh, Devon

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Relationship Counselling

Counselling is totally confidential and non judgemental.

Relationship Counselling
(For couples or individuals with relationship difficulties.)

All couples and individuals experience difficult times during the course of their relationships together. These can come from any of the following;

External circumstances placing a strain on the relationship.

Factors personal to either or both of the partners.

The dynamic between the couple.

Experiences from past relationships.

Many couples carry on together in states of significant conflict and dissatisfaction within their relationships, not reaching enough of a crisis to break up but not realising with some help things between them could substantially improve. It is better to get some counselling earlier on in difficulties than let them build up.

Seeing a counsellor can provide you with the opportunity to address these difficulties in an environment that is completely confidential and private from their families, social lives and working lives. Sometimes it is the first time for a while that the couple have sat down and talked and listened to each other. A counsellor does not take sides and will assist you in identifying and breaking problematic patterns of behaviour and in building skills for making your life together richer and more fulfilling. For some couples things may have gone too far and there may no longer be any middle ground. I can help you explore separation.

I see clients for:

Communication difficulties
Relationship not working and changes are needed.
Going around in circles and not breaking the cycle.
Trust issues
Affairs and rebuilding
New baby
Work getting in the way
Lack of intimacy
Loss of partner
Starting again
Sexual abuse
Sexual issues may also be a symptom of the relationship not being good. The relationship would need to be addressed first.

I am an integrative counsellor which means I am not tied to one model of therapy but combine aspects of several models to fit the needs of
each client.

I will see you together , you will be given questionnaires to fill and I may see you both individually. This helps me to build a picture of what is happening as a couple and your past experiences to help you to move forward in your relationship.

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