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Sara Briner Psychosexual Therapy Relationship Counselling in Exeter & Chudleigh, Devon

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Sexual Addiction

Sex addiction:

i have a Diploma in Sex addiction and registered with ATSAC.

Are you spending more and more time looking at cyber sex?

Is your behaviour becoming more risky?

Are you isolating yourself and being secretive?

Is it affecting your home-life, relationships and work?

Have you tried to stop but cannot?

Are you feeling alone?

Is it feeling out of control?

Is it a secret?

For the partner:
I can help you to work through your emotions and feelings and help you to understand more about sex addiction.

Shock and disbelief

All those questions “why”

Am I not good enough


I do not understand addiction

Not good enough

Who can I talk too

Feelings of being alone

I will carry out a thorough assessment and help you to understand why this has happened. You may be asked to keep a dairy, we will look at patterns, an awareness of how it is affecting all aspects of your life and behaviour. I will help you to start to make changes and you will be given work to do during the week. This could involve reading, questionaires or keeping a diary that we will use in our work.

Once you have done individual work, you will be able to start couple work.

Sessions are for individuals who have sex addiction, partners who affected by sexual addiction. Couples who have both done some individual work. Clients need to be motivated to change.

Sessions are weekly

Are you a partner of a sex addict?
We will shortly be running a 10 week course specifically for partners. This is a way to meet others in a similar situation and to learn more.
For more information please go to: www.partnersofsexaddiction.com

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